For a better environment and for a sustainable living, some simple habits can be practiced which will add definite value.

  1. Plant a tree
    • Plant trees whenever possible. This can be a simple garden in our homes or planting trees in public or private land.
  2. Reduce Reuse Recycle
    • Seggregate waste materials and sent it for recycling. At the same time reduce usage of materials and resources and reuse the same.
  3. Change your bulb
    • Change the filament bulbs to energy efficient LED bulbs.
  4. Rethink bottled water
    • Instead of buying bottled water every time, carry a reusable water bottle and fill water from home or appropriate places.
  5. Get reusable bag
    • For shopping, carry a reusable bag along with us. Save material as well as money.
  6. Fix leaky pipes
    • Fix leaky water pipes and save water.
  7. Use both sides of paper
    • Try to use both sides of paper and save paper. While taking print out, print on both sided.
  8. Reduce paper prints
    • If we can avoid paper prints and rather use soft copies, we can reduce carbon footprint.


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