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Agile Leadership Skills

Humility Focus on outcomes Flexibility System view Coach

green marketing
Environment Marketing Management

What is Green Marketing?

Green Marketing is a holistic and responsible strategic management process that identifies, anticipates, satisfies and fulfills stakeholder needs for a reasonable reward that does not

Web Development

Best and Affordable WordPress Portfolio Themes

This is my personal list of affordable WordPress Portfolio themes which are looking great: Zugan Oblo Plexx Skape Quarty

learning programming

Online platforms for learning computer programming

HackerRank ( Pepcoding ( HackerEarth ( LeetCode (

Web Development

How to fix “Installation failed: Theme not found” error in WordPress?

When I was trying to install free themes from the directory, I was getting this error: “Installation failed: Theme not found”. It looks like this

Christiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo’s UEFA Euro Cup Records

Most number of tournaments played 5 Most number of matches played 25 Most number of goals scored 14 Most number of playing time 2154 minutes

environmental management system

The EMS – Plan, Do, Check, Act Cycle

Environmental policy A sound policy reflects the commitment of the management. Policy has to be documented and made available to internal and external parties.  Policy

environmental management system

Environmental Management System (EMS)

EMS is part of an organization’s management system used to develop and implement its environmental policy and manage its environmental aspects. It is a set of