Environmental Management System (EMS)

Environmental policy

  • A sound policy reflects the commitment of the management.
  • Policy has to be documented and made available to internal and external parties. 
  • Policy must be realistic taking in to consideration the constraints and resources of the company as well as the extent of impact that the organization has on the environment. 
  • Concept of sustainable development should be a part of the document.
  • Be in conformity with the laws and rules and regulations. 
  • Lay down a framework of environmental objectives. 


  • Takes into consideration a proper schedule, resources, targets, successes as well as likely failures, contingencies and alternatives to mitigate the crisis if it occurs. 
  • The plan includes environmental aspects and impacts. 
  • Takes into consideration the processes, resources, responsibilities, skills, authority and coordination. 


  1. Involves
    • Management of human, financial and natural resources. 
    • Motivation for action
    • Responsibilities
    • Documentation
    • Communication with the organization
    • Operation control
    • Preparedness of emergency
    • Records and management information. 
  2. Successful implementation need commitment of all employees. 
  3. Education and training as and when necessary to impart environmental skills and knowledge. 
  4. Sufficient resources for implementation

Monitoring and evaluation

  • Review its actions for improvements. 
  • Ongoing process to identify environmental performance indicators that are verifiable. 
  • System and procedure for determining compliance and conformance with laws and rules and regulations. 
  • Periodic audit. 


  • Should go beyond compliance
  • Pay full attention to implementation of objectives set out by organization. 
  • If the objectives have not been achieved or not achievable, these must be changed or modified. 
  • Issues to be discussed:
    1. Suitability of policy
    2. Recommendations of audit report
    3. New regulations
    4. Interest of stakeholders
    5. Public awareness and pressures
  • Review findings must be documented and implemented.


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