importance of working capital

What is the Need and Importance of Working Capital?

To ensure regular supply of raw materials - smooth running of production process. Timely payment of wages and salaries

types of mergers
Business Finance

What are Mergers? What are different types of Mergers?

Merger refers to the process whereby at least two companies combine to form one single company.  Mergers help firms to consolidate market and to gain

hrm and personnel management

Difference between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management

Main difference lies in the scope and orientation. HRM has emerged as an extension of Traditional Personnel Management. Basis for comparison Personnel management HRM Meaning

marketing channel decisions
Marketing Management

What are Channel Design Decisions in Marketing Management?

Channel design decisions consists of: Analyzing customer needs Lot size – buying fleet of cars vs car for home. Waiting and delivery time – prefers

distribution channels
Marketing Management

What are Distributions Channels and what are their Functions in Marketing?

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