1. The principle of holistic approach
    • Things must be viewed as a system of inter-related elements, the elements themselves also being systems interacting with one another
    • Ripple effect
    • Local challenges can be adequately addressed relying on the knowledge of the wider environment.
  2. Principle of inter-generational and intra-generational solidarity.
    • Focused on people
    • The developmental and environmental needs of present generations must be addressed without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
  3. The principle of social justice
    • Right to adequate living conditions
    • Fundamental human rights granted to all
    • Equal opportunity for acquiring knowledge and skills
  4. The principle of sustainable management of resources
    • Using natural resources in a prudent and thrifty way it preserves resources required for future development.
  5. The principle of integration
    • In the course of elaborating, evaluating and implementing sectoral policies, plans and programmes – economic, social and environmental considerations and their relationship must also be taken into account. 
  6. The principle of utilising local resources
    • Efforts to supply the needs of communities on a local level, from local resources. 
    • Local features and diversity should be preserved
    • Sustainable utilisation of man made environment and cultural heritage.
  7. The principle of public participation
    • Adequate access to information affecting social, economic life and the environment, to information of decision making processes must be provided to all. 
    • Public participation in decision making. 
  8. The principle of social responsibility
    • Unsustainable patterns of production and consumption must be changed. 
  9. The principle of precaution and prevention
    • Human activities must be planned and carried out in line with this precautionary principle and activities damaging or polluting the environment endangering natural systems and human health must be controlled/prevented. 


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