stakeholders in business

Stakeholders of business and their roles

Stakeholders are the people or organisations who may have a material, professional, legal or political interest in the activities and performance of the organisation. There

corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Responsibility to shareholders Recognise the investments Protect the interests of the shareholders Provide a reasonable dividend Strengthen and consolidate position of the company. Responsibility to

Business Economics

What is Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Concept?

A new framework to measure performance in the corporate world which went beyond the traditional measures of profits, ROI etc to include environmental and social

classification of NGOs

What are NGOs? What are the features and roles of NGOs?

NGO is any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is legally constituted, organized and operated on a local, national or international level. They are task oriented and


What is the Classification of NGOs?

By the level of orientation Charitable orientation – activities directed towards meeting the needs of the poor.  Service orientation – activities such as provision of


What is Business Ethics? What are important ethical business principles?

Business Ethics is the system of moral principles and rules of conduct applied to business. The business should be conducted according to certain self recognised moral

Business Economics

What are the objectives of a Business, Society and Government?

Business Society Government Reduce costs To have enough to eat and drink Manage resources fairly and cost effectively Increase sales Shelter from the environment and


What is ecological view of business?

Business is a network of organisations – including suppliers, distributors, customers, government agencies, competitors etc. involved in the delivery of a specific product or service

Business Economics

Negative effects of urbanisation to economic and business growth

Rural industries Agriculture will take back seat Increase in drug usage, crimes etc.  Cost of infrastructure increases Increased pollution Difficulty in waste management Traffic congestion