Ecologists and environmentalists believe one of the principal reasons for environmental problems is emphasis on the growth by the industrialized nations. They point out that economic growth is made possible only at the expense of the environment. 

Growth rates were so high due to the increasing population and subsequent increase in demands of the society. Increased production and consumption released wastes and pollutants in to the environment without consideration of their effects

Fast growth has resulted in:

  • Destruction of the environment
  • Impairment in the quality of elemental environmental services
  • Deterioration of air quality
  • Contamination of water bodies, air and land

Social cost of growth was not included in economic analyses.

Impact of economic growth and population on environment

  1. Air and water pollution
  2. Deforestation
  3. Depletion of ozone layer
  4. Extinction of species
  5. Land/soil degradation
  6. Global warming and climate change
  7. Generation of waste
  8. Threat to biodiversity
  9. Urbanization
  10. Industrialisation
  11. Transport development


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