By the level of orientation

  1. Charitable orientation – activities directed towards meeting the needs of the poor. 
  2. Service orientation – activities such as provision of healthcare, family planning, education etc. 
  3. Participatory orientation – characterised by self help projects where local people are involved particularly in the implementation of a project by contributing cash, tools, land, materials, labour etc. 
  4. Empowering orientation – help poor people to develop a clear understanding of the social, political and economic factors affecting their lives. To strengthen their awareness of their own potential power. 
  5. Professional association – a group of people in a learned occupation who are entrusted with maintaining control or oversight of the legitimate practice of the occupation. 

By the level of operation

  1. Community based organizations
    1. Created by people’s own interest
    2. Eg: sport clubs, women’s associations etc. 
    3. To help people and aware them to understand their rights and provide required services
  2. City wide organisations
    1. Association of community based organisations
    2. Eg: chamber of commerce and industry
  3. National NGOs
    1. Function is to support local NGOs.
    2. Eg: Red Cross, YMCAs
  4. International NGOs. 
    1. Funding to local NGOs
    2. Implementation of various projects
    3. Eg: UNICEF


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