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Stakeholders of business and their roles

Stakeholders are the people or organisations who may have a material, professional, legal or political interest in the activities and performance of the organisation. There


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Responsibility to shareholders Recognise the investments Protect the interests of the shareholders Provide a reasonable dividend Strengthen and consolidate position of the company. Responsibility to

Business Economics

What is Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Concept?

A new framework to measure performance in the corporate world which went beyond the traditional measures of profits, ROI etc to include environmental and social


What are NGOs? What are the features and roles of NGOs?

NGO is any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is legally constituted, organized and operated on a local, national or international level. They are task oriented and


What are the Economical Roles of a Government?

Regulatory role Covers a broad spectrum – entry to the business to the final result of business The reservation of industries to small scale, public