green marketing
Environment Marketing Management

What is Green Marketing?

Green Marketing is a holistic and responsible strategic management process that identifies, anticipates, satisfies and fulfills stakeholder needs for a reasonable reward that does not

marketing channel intermediaries
Marketing Management

What are Marketing Channel Intermediaries?

Channel intermediaries link producers to other intermediaries or the ultimate buyer. They promote, sell and make available products and services through contractual arrangements or

types of retailers
Marketing Management

What is Retailing? What are Different Types of Retailers?

Retailing includes all the activities in selling products or services directly to the final consumers for their personal, non-business use. Retailers are businesses whose sales

marketing channel management decisions
Marketing Management

What are Channel Management Decisions in Marketing?

Channel management decisions consists of: Selecting channel members – based on characteristics Length of business Other lines carried Growth and profit record Cooperativeness Reputation Motivating

distribution channels
Marketing Management

What are Distributions Channels and what are their Functions in Marketing?

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marketing channel decisions
Marketing Management

What are Channel Design Decisions in Marketing Management?

Channel design decisions consists of: Analyzing customer needs Lot size – buying fleet of cars vs car for home. Waiting and delivery time – prefers