Retailing includes all the activities in selling products or services directly to the final consumers for their personal, non-business use. Retailers are businesses whose sales come primarily from retailing.

Types of Retailers

  1. Specialty stores
    • Carry a narrow product line with a deep assortment such as apparel stores, sporting goods stores, furniture stores etc.
    • Eg: Bata
  2. Department stores
    • Carry several product lines – typically clothing, home furnishing, household goods etc.
    • Eg: Lifestyle
  3. Supermarkets
    • Relatively large, low cost, low margin, high volume, self service operation designed to serve the consumer’s total needs for grocery and household products.
    • Eg: Spencers
  4. Convenience stores
    • Relatively small stores located near residential areas, open long hours, seven days a week, and carrying a imite line of high turnover convenience products at slightly higher prices.
  5. Discount stores
    • Carry standard merchandise sold at lower prices with lower margins and higher volumes.
    • Eg: Brand Factory
  6. Off-price retailers
    • Sell merchandise bought at less than regular wholesale prices and sold at less than regular retail prices.
    • Often leftover goods, overturns and irregulars obtained at reduced prices from manufacturers or other retailers.
  7. Superstores
    • Very large stores traditionally aimed at meeting consumer’s total needs for routinely purchased food and non-food items.


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