HR managers are driven, organized individuals who help organizations reach their goals and help individuals to reach their potential. 

  1. Communication
    • Facilitating communication between employees and employers
    • Oral, written and listening skills.
  2. Emotional intelligence
    • The capacity to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. 
  3. Empathy
    • Different kinds of people with different objectives.
    • Understand their situation and background.
  4. Team building
  5. Negotiation
    • During hiring process or when conflicts arise – help to compromise and find middle ground. 
  6. Counseling
    • Process of helping a person to solve his/her problems himself or herself. 
  7. Leadership
    • Visualize big picture, focus on people, progress and achievements, does the right thing and encouraging a rewarding culture. 
  8. Decision making
    • Apt decisions considering all facts unbiased. 
    • Not afraid to take hard decisions for the benefit of the organization.
  9. Critical thinking
  10. Knowledge and expertise in human resources
    • Functions of HR
    • Practices and trends
    • Laws
  11. Organized, Time management and self discipline
  12. Trustworthy
  13. Impartial and objective
  14. Train, develop and mentor
  15. Multi-tasker
  16. Interpersonal skills
    • Interaction with various types of people on a day to day basis. 
    • Interviews, budget meetings, conflict resolution, addressing employees etc. 
  17. Approachability
    • Open door policy
  18. Ethics – Ethics on confidential information and policies. 
  19. Integrity
    • Fairness and equality in opportunities to the employees. 
    • Confidentiality of information


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