As with any other disciplines, Human Resource Management also received many changes.

  1. Change from employee engagement to employee experience – providing the best experience. 
    • Delegation, participative management, work teams, employee training, empowerment etc. 
    • Telecommuting – work from home.
    • Customized employment arrangements based on requirements and contributions. 
    • Continuous improvement programs
    • Health insurance
    • Wellness clubs and fitness centers
    • Team outings
  2. Digitalization of HRM
    • Mobile applications for various processes like job requirement announcements, applications, attendance tracking etc. 
    • Online cloud based HR management tools (SaaS tools) – faster updates, mobility, flexibility, innovation, decrease in cost etc. 
    • Standardisation of data
    • Evolving of internet – online training, interviews etc 
    • Improving the overall speed of the processes 
  3. Involvement of AI in HRM
    • Use of analytics to gain data-driven insights into the workforce trends.
    • Use of predictive algorithms to make hiring decisions and management of workforce. 
    • Use of chatbots. 
  4. Change from qualified workforce to skilled workforce
    • Changing technologies demand skilled workforce
  5. Change from permanent workforce to gig workforce – short term job and freelancers.


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